The SPA Ritual

Herbal tea and relaxing feet massage, that stimulates energy points of the body, helps you to fall into SPA Paradise,that is just the beginning of Ritual. Then You will have the oriental head massage to renew emotional and physical balance and remove the stress. Following honey massage in sauna improves circulation of the blood in deep layers of the skin. Honey and lemon steaming with different branches ejects toxins which in turn helps to maintain a better standard of physical and mental health. Then classic and relaxing soap massages renew Your soul and body. You will enjoy listening to soothing music and forget about routine. Next You will derive pleasure from washing in hammam with small quantity of soap and Kese coarse bath-glove. Cold water from the jug and hot steam are the main “heroes” of the ritual.
Additionally for your comfort we offer pool, pool with cold water, Jacuzzi and Sharko.
Cost per hour (minimum 2 hours)Spa-ritual's full duration — 4 hours 150.00 EUR
For each additional person Number of guests recommended 3-4 persons over 4+ 40.00 EUR


Ladies Blow-dry 22-50 EUR
Ladies Cut and Blow-dry 30 - 65 EUR
Ladies Cut and Blow-dry Hot Scissors 45-80 EUR
Men’s Cut 22-45 EUR
Beard & Moustache Trim 10-15 EUR
Children’s Cut up to 5 years 15 EUR
Hair Colouring S/L 30-50 / 40-70 EUR
Hair Tint 15-60 EUR
Men’s Hair Tint 15-22 EUR
Elumen Hair Colouring S/L 30-50 / 45-65 EUR
Hair Colouring + Elumen S/L 45-60 / 60-85 EUR
Foil by Section 40-80 EUR
Foil + Elumen 50-80 / 65-110 EUR
Foil + Colorance 50-80 / 65-95 EUR
Cap Highlights 30-45 EUR
Hair Colour Removal 25-45 EUR
Permanent Wave 30-45 / 45-60 EUR
Hair StylingUsing Curlers 30-60 EUR
Evening Hairstyle 30-95 EUR
Hair Treatment“Inner Effect” 22-50 EUR
Serum ampoule 10 EUR
Serum ampoule“Silk lift” 5 EUR
Keratin Hair Repairand Straightening 140-290 EUR

Manicure / Pedicure

Classic Manicure 15 EUR
Nail Polishing 5-10 EUR
SPA Manicure 25 EUR
Paraffin Treatment 15 EUR
Shellac or Gelish Cover 15 EUR
Shellac or Gelish Cover + Manicure 25 EUR
Shellac or Gelish Removing 5 EUR
Bio Sculpture Gel 21 EUR
Bio Sculpture Gel ( French ) 25 EUR
Bio Gel taking of 5 EUR
Manicure + Bio Gel 36 EUR
Manicure + Bio Gel ( French ) 40 EUR
Nail Extensions 50-65 EUR
Nail Correction 35-50 EUR
One Nail Design 2-10 EUR
Classic Pedicure 30 EUR
SPA Pedicure 40 EUR
Machine Pedicure 40 EUR
Gel Pedicure 50-65 EUR
Shellac or GelishCover 15 EUR
Shellac or GelishCover + Classic Pedicure 40 EUR
Pedicure + Bio Gel 51 EUR
Pedicure + Bio Gel ( French ) 55 EUR
Eyebrow Shape 10-15 EUR
Eyebrow Tint 10 EUR
Eyelash Tint 10 EUR
Make-up 25-40 EUR
Ears piercing ( with earrings ) 25 EUR


ANTI-STRESS MASK-1Intensive and long-lasting moisturizing, relaxing and matting effect 50 EUR
ANTI-STRESS MASK-2+ Elastocollagen Complex 90 EUR
ANTI-STRESS MASK-3+ Vitacell Ampoule Intensive revitalizing cellular care (30%) 100 EUR
PRECIOUS MASK-1Harmonising cream-gel mask that provides instant radiance and long-lasting moisturization 60 EUR
PRECIOUS MASK-2 + Elastocollagen Complex 90 EUR
PRECIOUS MASK-3Intensive revitalizing cellular care (30%) 100 EUR
OCCLUSIVE MASKGlorious modulating effect as well as excellent skin nutrition, moistening and stimulation 115 EUR
”Visolastine Embryonnaire” Mask 50 EUR
“Visolastine Embryonnaire” MaskWith Intensive Serums, Paraffin and “Biotic” Algae 60 EUR
“Vivant” B.R. Face Cleaning 60 EUR
Face, Neck and Décolleté RejuvenationUsing VIP Complex 65 EUR
Masgue - Creme " BIOFIXINE " 75 EUR
"BIO VECTEUR MARINE"Treatment with Paraffin and "Biotic" Algae or COLD Mask 80 EUR
Lift C.V.S. 75 EUR
"INTEGRAL" Treatment 105 EUR
“Soin Restructurant et Lissant” Treatment 115 EUR
Caviar Mask 95 EUR
Biologique Féerie Treatment 100 EUR
TrippleLissant + Lift CVS + Remodelling Face 299 EUR
E-Vital Treatment 80 EUR
E-Vital Glance Mask 18 EUR
E-Vital Eyes Mask 14 EUR
Using Cold Mask +20 EUR
Face, Neck and Décolleté Rejuvenation Using “Fruit Acids” (АНА – alpha-hydro-acid) With Paraffin + 15 EUR
Face skin treatment by using Micro-Puncture Lab machine (0.25mm) 87 - 100 EUR
"Second Peau" treatment2 hours 250 EUR
Hair styling after procedure with 20% discount

Cosmetic Services +

Fase 180 EUR
Neck 130 EUR
Decollete 130 - 150 EUR
Face + Neck + Decollete 280 - 300 EUR
Eyes 80 EUR
Arms 90 EUR
Removal of Pigment and Blood Vessels 30-150 EUR
Inhalation10 minutes 10 EUR
Eyes and Lips Rejuvenation20 minutes 30 EUR
Anti Acne: Prevention and Treatment45 minutes 60 EUR
Anti Age: Wrinkle Correction and Skin Rejuvenationface; 1 hour 70 EUR
Anti Age: Wrinkle Correction and Skin Rejuvenationface, neck; 75 minutes 80 EUR
Anti Age: Wrinkle Correction and Skin Rejuvenationface, neck, décolleté; 2 hours 100 EUR
Sensitive and Tired Skin Treatmentface, neck, décolleté; 2 hours 100 EUR
Deep Moisturisingface, neck, décolleté; 2 hours 75 EUR
Deep Moisturisinghands; 30 minutes 40 EUR
Classic Bikini from 20 EUR
Brazilian Bikini 25-35 EUR
Half Leg 15 - 20 EUR
Full Leg 25 - 40 EUR
Face from 15 EUR
Upper Lip from 5 EUR
Half Arm from 10 EUR
Full Arm from 15 EUR
Under Arm from 10 EUR
Classic Bikini from 30 - 35 EUR
Half Leg from 35 - 40 EUR
Full Leg from 40 - 45 EUR
Face from 15 - 25 EUR
Upper Lip till 25 EUR
Half Arm till 25 EUR
Full Arm till 30 EUR
Under Arm from 15-20 EUR
Upper Lip 30 EUR
Chin 40-75 EUR
Fingers, “White Line” on Arms, Legs, Belly 40 EUR
Under Arm 55-65 EUR
Classic Bikini 75 EUR
Brazilian Bikini 95-110 EUR
Half Leg 230-250 EUR
Full Leg 360-380 EUR
Breast (Men) 145 EUR
Buttocks 110 EUR
Back 215 EUR
Arms 110-130 EUR
Face and Decollete Area 45 EUR


Slims down fat cells, smooths cellulite, firms the skin, resculpts the figure
Reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves skin tone without pain or inconvenience as well as increases circulation, relieves of muscular pain and reduces of muscle spasms
Improves flow of lympha and provides venting of toxins from the body
BodyPrice of 1 Treatment 49.00EUR
The Subscription10 treatments 392.00EUR
The Subscription5 treatments 230 EUR
Individual Suit 25 EUR
FacePrice of 1 Treatment 38 EUR
The Subscription10 treatments 305 EUR
The Subscription5 treatments 175 EUR
LPG Face Massage to any Facial Treatment +25 EUR


Classic Massage1 hours 50 EUR
The Subscription5 treatments 225 EUR
The Subscription10 treatments 400 EUR
Lymphodrainage Massage1 hour 55 EUR
The Subscription5 treatments 247.50 EUR
The Subscription10 treatments 440 EUR
Anti-Cellulite Massage1 hour 55 EUR
The Subscription5 treatments 247.50 EUR
The Subscription10 treatments 440 EUR
Neck and Shoulder Massage20 minute 20 EUR
Lumbosacral Massage20 minute 20 EUR
Back Massage30 minute 30 EUR
Thai Feet Massage1 hour 50 EUR
Thai Body Massage + Face2 hour 100 EUR
Relaxing Massage1 hour 55 EUR
Therapeutic massage1 hour 60 EUR
Indian head massage "Champi"1 hour 60 EUR
"Kendo" massage1 hour 55 EUR
Buckwheat Hot Pouch Massage1 hour 30 min 75 EUR
Fitness Massage1 hour 60 EUR
The Subscription5 treatments 270 EUR
The Subscription10 treatments 480 EUR
Hawaiian Massage Lomi-Lomi SPA1 hour 30 minutes / 2 hours 65 / 80 EUR
“Coffee and Honey” Peeling-Massage1 hour 50 EUR
Stone Therapy massage with Hot Stones1 hour 30 minutes 75 EUR


Body Statics and Dynamics 25 EUR
Muscle Length Testing
Muscle Strength Testing
Body Balance Diagnostic
Functional Survey of Breathing and Cardiovascular SystemsThe First Consultation for Global Fitness Customers is free.

Mikro pigmentation

Upper eyelid 100 EUR
Upper and lower eyelid 150 EUR
Basic technique 200 EUR
Hair to hair technique 250 EUR
Lip contour 200 EUR
Lip contour with filling 250 EUR
Repeated correction from 50 EUR
Consultation and testing 15 EUR